Littlest Mermaid in the Sea Tag

Hi everyone! I am back again (third time this week) with another project I created for ColorBox. I absolutely LOVE how this tag turned out! It has me in the mood for a day at the beach! So lets get started!

I started by spritzing a glass tray with Cirtus Tickle Smooch Spritz, adding water and laying the tag into the ink mixture. I removed the tag once completely covered and let dry. Next I inked the glass tray with Caribbean Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink, added water, loaded a paint with ink mixture and apply to tag. Once dry I placed the Swirl Dot Art Screen on top of tag and inked an Art Dauber with Tahiti Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink and applied the inked art dauber over the art screen. Once finished I remove the art screen. I inked and art dauber with Capri Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink and ink edges and over the surface of tag. Next I applied to the glass tray the following inks: Aster and Cabernet Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink. I loaded a paint brush with the ink mixtures and splattered the tag and let dry. Side note…set glass tray aside with ink mixture for further use. Second side note…while I tried to link all products, such as the new line of inks, I didn’t find all but will try and update as they come available.

I inked the Mimi Mermaid Rubber Stamp with Wicked Black Archival Dye Ink and stamp onto a piece of Watercolor Paper with the MISTI Stamping Tool. I placed watercolor paper onto the middle Delightful Circle Diecut. Place between two plated and run through Diecut Machine. I cut a 3 7/8″x1 3/4″ and a 2 1/2″x1″ pieces of watercolor paper and placed both in the Tides Embossing Folder. I placed between plates and run through diecut machine. Now I’m ready to  paint/watercolor everything.
I placed the Delightful Circle Diecut into the set aside Aster Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink and cover completely with ink mixture, removed and let dry. I watercolored the Sea Horse image’s body with Cabernet Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink and then cleaned the glass tray. 
I inked the glass tray with the following inks: Princess, Caribbean, Tahiti, Tomato, Bumble Bee, Capri and Mint Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks and I added a small amount of water to each ink. I placed the 3 7/8″x 1 3/4″ embossed piece of watercolor paper into the Capri Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink and once completely covered remove and let dry.

Next I placed the 2 1/2″x 1″ embossed piece of watercolor paper into the Mint Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink and once completely covered I removed and let dry. For the stamped Mermaid image I watercolored with the following inks: Face, arms and upper body…Princess Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink. Lower body/tail…a mix of Caribbean and Tahiti Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks. Seashells and fin of sea horse…Mint Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink. Hair…a mix of Bumble Bee and Tomato Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks. Starfish…Tomato Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink. 

I fussy cut the mermaid and sea horse images out and added clear glitter glue to sea horse fin, seashells, tail and starfish on mermaid. I inked two art daubers, one with Mint and the other with Capri Dyestress Blendable Dye Inks and lightly ink edges of both embossed pieces of watercolor paper and circle diecut. I added foam pop dots to the back of the 3 7/8″x 1 3/4″ embossed pieces of watercolor paper and one side of the circle diecut and placed the embossed paper on top of the tag. I added a little glue to the other side of the circle diecut before laying on top of embossed paper. Next I adhered the 2 1/2″x1″ embossed paper on top of other embossed paper and circle diecut. I adhered the mermaid image on top of all pieces.

I glued the sea horse to bottom corner of tag and added three gems next to the sea horse. Next I randomly adhere sequins to tag.

I finished the tag by cutting two 10 inch pieces of seam binding. I ran the seam binding through  the hole at the top of tag and tied a bow. As always if you have any questions about this project please let me know.

ColorBox: Princess Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink
ColorBox: Art Dauber
ColorBox: Capri Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink
ColorBox: Mint Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink
ColorBox: Aster Dyestress Blendable Dye Ink
Beacon Adhesive: Zip Dry Adhesive
Glass Tray
Life Style Crafts: Tide Embossing Folders
Seam Binding
Studio g: Clear Glitter Glue

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Friday is great and enjoy creating! 

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