From this Day Forward Wedding Tag

Hi everyone! I’m back with a tag I created in honor of my son and daughter in law’s wedding anniversary that is today. I had these photos laying around and I thought why not create something with them and this is what I came up with.
I started by placing a Size #10 Tag (upper half) in the Floral Tapestry Embossing Folder and placed  between two cutting plates and run through the Diecut Machine. I removed and place lower half of tag in the Floral Tapestry Embossing Folder and completed the same steps. I inked two Art Daubers with Leaf and Frog Blends 2 Inks and inked over the leaves and vines of the embossed areas on the tag. Next I inked three Art Daubers with TutuWildberry and Melon Blends 2 Ink and inked over the flowers of the embossed areas on the tag.

I placed the Geometrics Art Screen on top of tag, loaded two art daubers with Tutu and Melon and randomly ink areas of art screen and once I achieved the desired effect I removed the art screen. I inked the glass tray with Coconut Blends 2 Ink, added water to ink, loaded a Paint Brush with ink mixture and splattered the tag.

I cut two photos to fit the tag. I adhered the first photo slightly off the side of tag. The second photo I cut a piece of textured white cardstock slightly larger than the photo an inked an art dauber with Melon Blends 2 Ink and inked the edges of cardstock and then adhered the photo to the mat. I added Foam Pop Dots to back of photo and placed slightly off other side of tag.

I placed a scrap of white cardstock on top of the Journaling Cards, Flowers and a piece of Crinoline Fabric on top of the Leaves Diecuts and run through the diecut machine. I shaped two flowers diecuts with a Stylus and adhered together and added two sequins and a gem to center of the flower.

Next I inked an art dauber with Frog Blends 2 Ink and inked the fabric leaf. Once dry I adhered to back of flower and added to the bottom of the photo.

I looped several threads to create two messy bows and adhered one under the flower diecut and other under the smaller photo along with a few pearl sprays.

 I finished the tag by cutting two nine inch pieces of seam binding and tying into a bow at the top of tag. As always if you have questions about this project please let me know.


ColorBox/Eileen Hull: Tutu Blends 2 Ink
ColorBox/Eileen Hull: Wildberry Blends 2 Ink
ColorBox/Eileen Hull: Melon Blends 2 Ink
ColorBox/Eileen Hull: Leaf Blends 2 Ink
ColorBox/Eileen Hull: Frog Blends 2 Ink
ColorBox/Eileen Hull: Coconut Blends 2 Ink
ColorBox: Art Daubers
Sizzix/Brenda Walton: Floral Tapestry Embossing Folder
Glass Tray 
Seam Binding
Pearl Sprays
Beacon Adhesive: Zip Dry Adhesive
Crinoline Fabric

(Products listed above are Affiliated Links for your convenience)

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Thursday is great and enjoy creating!


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