Fabric Travel Journal

Hi everyone! I am back with a step by step tutorial of Eileen Hull’s Journal Diecut! Generally I get caught up in the process and forget to do photos along the way as I create. 😐 

The fun part of this journal is there is no sewing whatsoever. 😀 First I started by cutting four pieces of fabric (two for the cover and two for the inside cover) and two pieces of fusible webbing  all pieces slightly larger that the journal diecut.

I placed the piece of fabric on top of the fusible webbing and the other fabric on the bottom and ironed firmly on both sides and let cool. The fusible webbing has directions on how to use it when you get it cut. 

I had to take care as to how I ran the fabric through the diecut machine since I didn’t want the map on the cover to be upside down.

I used Fabri-Tac adhesive to glue all of the journal together. It “grabs” the fabric quickly so no need to hold and wait for it to dry.

Next I adhered trim around the outside to cover the raw edge of the journal.

Trim finished around the cover of the journal.

I adhered lace to either side of the center holes and where I couldn’t see the holes I used an awl to poke holes through the lace.

The inside cover I cut two pieces of stretchy lace and while gluing to the inside I pulled the lace taunt as I went.

I then finished the outer edges with trim.

I used a couple of my 8″x8″ stacks of cardstock and some graph paper to create the traveler’s notebooks for my journal. The 8″x8″ is a perfect size! No measuring or cutting down and all you have to do is fold and punch holes in the spine and sew together. The notebooks have ten papers per signature and I trimmed the excess cardstock that protruded from the notebooks to give  them a more finished look.

I finished the journal by adhering lace to the center and added an elastic band with a charm for the outside closure and strung the inside and added my traveler’s notebook and waa-laaa finished!

Be sure to hop on over to Eileen Hull’s blog for more inspiration from the design team and as always if you have any questions about this project please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Wednesday is awesome and enjoy creating!


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