Basic How to on Stitching a Journal Together

Hi everyone! I get asked a lot on how to put together journals and I thought I would do a mini tutorial. For the cover of my journal I used a card that I had purchased in a set from Michaels…you know the ones you can get for a $1.50. 😊

First I raided my stash of cardstock and threw in a doily and paper bag that my silver ware came in from Chili’s for the pages inside of my journal. This journal will have a total of five pages. You can add more pages but keep in mind once you decorate the pages (unless all you are going to do is use it to write in) it will become quiet chunky.

I clipped all the pages together gather before looking holes in the spine. I spaced my holes one inch a part on the spine.

I placed my pages on a piece of foam before using my Tool ‘n One to punch holes in the spine. This way you don’t damage your table top while punching holes.

I filled over the pages to make sure everything looked ok and then I added the cover which I centered the pages and clipped it back together. I then punched through the holes of the pages and cover. You could clip the cover and pages all together but personal I have mis-punched the spine and it not be in the center.

I use a thick cotton thread to stitch the spine with. I stitch every other hole and then come by through on the other side.

I tie off the thread inside of the journal which I plan on adding tiny hearts to the extensions on thread. You can tie it off on the outside of the journal and add beads or ribbon to the spine. The choices on what you can do is endless.

So now all that is left is to decorate! If you have questions regarding this project please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your Sunday is awesome and enjoy creating!


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