Canvas Corp: Decorative Labels

Hi everyone! I’m here to share a quick project for all you planner loves out there. I have a Filofax personal planner and I am by no means have a very busy life but I do like keeping up with my weigh in, steps, projects, blogging, appointments, daily reading, etc. I like to have labels to write like my daily reading, weigh in and steps on and since I couldn’t find any cute labels out there I decided to create my own. I bought a pack of Avery Easy Peel Return Address Labels (5195) which are 2/3×1 3/4″. I figured that gives me enough room to write down either one chapter to several a day in the area. I took one of the sheets of stickers out and cut in half. That’s 30 stickers which is perfect (two leftover) for the month of February. 

First I shook up the Crushed Shells glimmer mist and since this bottle has a slight leak I had ink inside the capped area. So I took the cap off over the stickers and drizzled and splattered. Also I took the cap and added random circles over the area and then lightly spritzed with Bronze glimmer mist. I used a blow dry to speed up the drying process.
Next I spritzed Candy Apple Red glimmer mist (discontinued) and blowed dried again to speed up the process.

I used this Canvas Corp Cig Stamp CVC Grateful stamp set

Also I used Canvas Corp Cig Stamp CVC Be Beautiful stamp set to decorate the stickers.

I used red ink and stamped different images from  both sets of stamps. 

Here is the beginnings of my planner for the month of February. I know it isn’t as pretty as some planners I’ve seen out there but it is a work in progress. 

If you have any questions please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by, hope your Sunday is wonderful and enjoy creating!


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