The Robin’s Nest: Altered Mini Sewing Box Matchbox

Hi everyone!!! What a crazy month it has been!!! I have been trying to get another craft room ready in my soon to be hubby’s house. Packing up stuff to take to Goodwill, pulling staples out of the wall, scraping stickers off of the walls and doors and pulling glow in the dark stars off of the ceiling…can you tell the room belonged to one of his daughters??? 😉 I have paint and laminate flooring bought but I still have to “putty up” the tiny holes in the wall, wipe the walls down and rip the carpet up. Oh so much to do but once it is all done it will be well worth it. 🙂
First off I would like to share with you there is a 20% off sale going on in the Robin’s Nest store on all Tear shaped Dew Drops and we have also teamed up with Mod Podge this month which I will be using Antique Matt Mod Podge on my project that I will be sharing with you.

When I need to sew on a button or stitch up a hem I always seemed to be searching for needle and thread so I decided that for this month project I wanted to create something to store  my needles and thread in.
Below is some of the supplies I used to create my little notions box.

Robin’s Nest Supplies Used:
Tear Shape Dew Drops
Robin’s Nest Straw Velvet Ribbons**
Calamity Jane Glitter Diagonal Cardstock
Distressed Honeycomb Cardstock
Seashore Glitter Cardstock
Moss Green Glitter
Lakeside Dew Drops
Fresh Mowed Grass Dew Drops
Vintage Angel Sticker
Other Supplies Used:
Prima Flowers
Seam Binding
Tim Holtz Label Pulls
Amercana Blue Spa Paint

First off I emptied a 250 count matchbox and then painted the inside with Americana Spa Blue.


Then I lightly spritzed the inside and outside of the tray with walnut ink and then with a paper towel I rubbed and blended it in, let it dry and then measure and cut a piece of Calamity Jane Glitter Diagonal Cardstock to fit the inside of the bottom of the tray.

I then cut two pieces of Seashore Glitter Cardstock for the front and back of the tray. I inked all pieces of cardstock and then mod podged to the tray. I let dry and then punch holes in the tray, add label pull, brads and notions label.   

For the outside cover of the matchbox I measured, cut, folded Calamity Jane Glitter Diagonal Cardstock around the box, inked edges of paper and then after the ink dried I mod podge it to the box.


I then cut a piece of Seashore Glitter Cardstock and folded like the diagram that is below. I inked the edges and used a scallop punch on the folded 1/2 inch end.

I adhered a 10 inch piece of seam binding to the middle of the matchbox cover and then mod podge the 2 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch cardstock that I folded on top of the cover. Once that dried I cut a smaller piece of scrapbook paper, mod podge to the top of the 2 1/2 flap. Let that dry and then I used the gate sticker from the   Vintage Angel Sticker sheet and place on top of that and mod podge over the top and the 1/2 inch scalloped flat too.
I used Texture-Linen,  Robin’s Nest Straw Velvet Ribbons** and Distressed Honeycomb Cardstock to create all the flowers on the front flap except I did use two Prima flowers. Below is an example of how to make the linen flower.
First I cut a small strip off of one of the squares of linen, twist it and glue one of the ends. Start rolling it into a circle and then apply glue to back of it.
I used the Robin’s Nest Straw Velvet Ribbons** to create the dark and light blue flowers. It was really simple to make. First off you sew thread through the bottom edge of the ribbon. Once you have it as long as you want pull the thread to gather it and then tie off. Then shape it the way you want it to look and glue and add dew drops.

Now for the inside flap…I adhered the other 10 inches of seam binding to the inside flap and then cover it with a piece of matching scrapbook paper. I attached on the opposite side a sheet of needles.

Side view of my altered matchbox. Love how the tear shape dew drops colors coordinates so well with all the cardstock I used.

The cream colored mini flowers I used Distressed Honeycomb Cardstock which I used one of my flower punches to punch out a few. I used a glimmer mist to wet them, then placed them on a piece of sponge and used a stylus to shape them. Then I let them dry and wha-laaa instant cute flowers. 🙂

I decided that I wanted to foof up my spools of thread. I used a small circle punch and punched out several circles from the Moss Green Glitter cardstock and glued to the top of each spool and then I decorated with dew drops, buttons and flowers.

Now my little sewing box is finished and if I need to sew on a button everything is all in one place and ready to go.
I hope this has inspired you to create your own sewing box or if you don’t sew…maybe create a little drawer to hold all your scrapbook embellishments…the possibilities are endless. 🙂
Remember to stop by the Robin’s Nest  store and check out the tear shape dew drops that are on sale and while you are there go ahead and pick up some cardstock and embellishments too. 
Thanks for stopping by and as always enjoying creating!!!


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